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The IRIS DMC maintains a vast database of station siting, instrumentation, and earthquake information which serve to enhance and support our waveform data archives. The descriptions below highlight how you can query on our metadata holdings as well as request SEED metadata.



Query the IRIS database

SeismiQuery is a set of pre-formatted database queries that allow users to access data and information stored in the DMC Oracle database.

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MetaData Aggregator

The MetaData Aggregator (MDA) returns metadata summaries from the IRIS DMC database including data availability and links to further services.

Five levels of summary are available: network list, network, station, location and channel

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Dataless SEED

What is a dataless SEED volume?

A dataless SEED volume contains the metadata for a request only, including instrument responses, instrument coordinates, compression type, etc.. This dataless volume can be used in combination with a miniSEED volume (as extracted from the BUD filesystem) with rdseed. A dataless, by definition, contains no "data", in the sense that no waveform data are included, only headers.

Getting a Dataless SEED File:

1. Generate a request for a dataless using the online form.
(select dataless SEED under Data Type)
2. Submit a BREQ_FAST style request to dataless@iris.washington.edu from your mail client.
3. Get a dataless from the BUD Query Interface.
4. Download network dataless SEED files from the IRIS FTP site.



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