Educational Software

jAmaSeis jAmaseis facilitates the study of seismological concepts in middle school through introductory undergraduate classrooms. Users can view a graphical representation of seismic data in real time and can process this data to determine characteristics of seisograms such as time of occurrence, distance from the epicenter to the station, magnitude, and location (via triangulation). Developed by Ben Coleman, Moravian College. (Windows, Mac)

QuakeCatchers Network (QCN)

QCNLive is interactive software developed for hands-on education about Earthquake Seismology. There are several modules within QCNLive for learning about earthquake vibrations and where earthquakes occur. The software measures and plots real-time motions acquired from several types of internal and/or external Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS). Request a USB Sensor from the QuakeCatcher Network  Developed by Elizabeth Cochran, USGS and Jesse Lawrance, Stanford University. (Windows, Mac)
SeisMac Free software-only tool that turns your recent Macintosh laptop into a powerful, educational, three-axis seismograph. Developed by Daniel Griscom, Suitable Systems. (Mac)
Seismic/Eruption Watch how earthquake and volcanic activity changes in space and time throughout the earth. Developed by Alan Jones, Binghamton University. (Windows)
Seismic Waves See how waves propagate from an earthquake hypocenter to seismic stations throughout the earth. Developed by Alan Jones, Binghamton University. (Windows)
EqLocate An interactive program to locate earthquakes using P-wave arrivals Developed by Alan Jones, Binghamton University. (Windows)
AmaSeis A program to obtain seismograms from the AS-1 Amateur Seismometer (see Seismographs in Schools Program for more information) Developed by Alan Jones, Binghamton University. (Windows)
Global Earthquake Explorer (GEE) An education and outreach tool for seismology that aims to make it easy for non-seismologists to retrieve, display and analyze seismic data. Developed by the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of South Carolina. (Windows, Mac, UNIX)

iPhone Applications