Translated Animations

Interactive Animations


          Dynamic Planet- Earthquakes & Volcanoes

            Welsh - (Flash 1.19MB)


     Plate Tectonics

          How do Earth's tectonic plates interact?

            Spanish - Divergent (Quicktime 4MB)
                            Convergent (Quicktime 3MB)
                            Strike-Slip (Quicktime 119kB)

          Do subducting plates slide smoothly past one another?

            Spanish - (Quicktime MB)

          How is stress stored between tectonic plates?

          Do faults break all at once, or in many short segments?

          What are the 4 basic classes of faults?

            Spanish - Falla normal (Quicktime MB)
                            Falla inversa (Quicktime MB)
                            Falla choque-deslizamiento (Quicktime MB)
                            Falla obliqua (Quicktime MB)
                            Falla transformante (Quicktime 2.85MB)

          What happens when the crust is stretched?

          GPS -- Measuring Plate Motion

            Chinese - (Quicktime 10.6MB)

     Earth Structure

          Same earthquake, different stations; why do the seismograms look different?

          How do we capture the motion of an earthquake?

          How do seismographs work?

          How do earthquakes reveal secrets of Earth's interior?

            Spanish - Seismic Tomography (Quicktime 3MB)
                             Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) Scan (Quicktime 2MB)

          Why do seismic waves travel a curving path through the Earth?

          How do P & S waves give evidence for a liquid outer core?

          Can an earthquake be compared to a drop of water on a pond?


          How many different ways can an earthquake shake us?

            Spanish - (Quicktime 989kB)

          Where do travel-time graphs come from?

            Spanish - Creating Travel-time Curves (Quicktime MB)
                            Static Buildings Version (Quicktime MB) 
                            Earthquakes Scattered Across the Globe (Quicktime MB)
                            Earthquakes Equidistant from Seismograph Station (Quicktime MB)

          How can you model earthquakes in the classroom?

          Seismic Signatures


          Subduction and Volcanoes

          Volcanic Monitoring