2022 Mar 18th

UNAVCO and IRIS Joining Forces for Advancing Geophysics

Beginning in 2019, UNAVCO and IRIS began discussions focused on how both organizations can collectively work together to further advance geophysics support for the community. Continue Reading

2022 May 10th

Read the Spring Issue of the IRIS Data Services Newsletter

The newsletter highlights IRIS Data Services products and services. Continue Reading

2022 May 10th

Efficiently reading large miniSEED data sets using ObsPy

In this How-To article, we will demonstrate how you can use the ObsPy Python framework to catalog large data sets and efficiently access subsets for general use. Continue Reading

2022 May 3rd

Update on GSN Program Management at IRIS

With the departure of Katrin Hafner, the GSN Program Manager role will be temporarily filled by a small team of experienced IRIS Instrumentation Services staff members. This team will be led by Robert Busby (official Interim GSN Program Manager) and Andy Frassetto and supported by Kasey Aderhold and Molly Staats. Continue Reading

2022 May 3rd

IRIS Debuts Powerful New Application Where Students Use Seismic Waves Data to Learn about the Layers of the Earth

The newly released free resource, “Determining and Measuring Earth’s Layered Interior,” challenges students to compare real-world earthquake data to computer models. Continue Reading

2022 Apr 26th

IRIS Announces Release of New Nominal Response Library Web Service

IRIS is pleased to announce the release of our new Nominal Response Library (NRL) web service. The NRL is an authoritative set of manufacturers’ recommended nominal instrument responses. Continue Reading

2022 Feb 25th

Seeking Input from the IRIS and UNAVCO Communities on our Upcoming Merger

The Boards of Directors of UNAVCO and IRIS are reaching out to our shared community to solicit your comments and questions, and to sustain a two-way dialog between our communities and the Boards that we hope will carry forward into the merged EarthScope Consortium. Continue Reading

2022 Feb 23rd

Joining Forces!

UNAVCO and IRIS are joining forces for advancing geophysics! Continue Reading

2022 Feb 7th

IRIS and the Seismology Community Mourns the Passing of Rick Benson

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform you of the unexpected passing of our dear friend and colleague, Rick Benson. Continue Reading

2022 Feb 1st

Submit Short Course and SIG Proposals for the SAGE/GAGE Community Science Workshop

Proposals are being accepted for short courses and SIGs for the SAGE/GAGE Community Science Workshop, June 14-16, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Continue Reading

2022 Jan 27th

IRIS Congratulates Two Seismologists on their Election as 2021 AAAS Fellows

The IRIS President and IRIS Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire IRIS community, congratulates Richard Aster, Colorado State University, and Stephen McNutt, University of South Florida, on their election as 2021 AAAS Fellows. Continue Reading

2022 Jan 18th

Read the Winter Issue of the IRIS Data Services Newsletter

The newsletter highlights IRIS Data Services products and services. Continue Reading

2021 Dec 1st

Marine Seismology Travel Support for 2022 SSA Annual Meeting

A travel support opportunity for marine seismology community members to participate in the 2022 Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting to be held April 19-23 in Bellevue, Washington. Continue Reading

2021 Dec 1st

2021 Board of Directors Election Results

The IRIS Consortium is very pleased to announce the results of the 2021 Board of Directors election. Continue Reading

2021 Nov 29th

PASSCAL Acquires 1700 Additional Nodal Sensors

The NSF SAGE facility, operated by IRIS, is pleased to announce the recent arrival of 1,780 additional 3-channel 5Hz SmartSolo nodes for the PASSCAL node pool. Continue Reading

2021 Nov 22nd

IRIS Congratulates Seismology Community Members Awarded AGU Honors

The IRIS President and IRIS Board of Directors, on behalf of the entire IRIS community, wishes to recognize and congratulate a number of IRIS community members who have been selected as American Geophysical Union honorees this year. Continue Reading

2021 Nov 12th

IRIS Accepting Applications for Retired RefTek 125A “Texan” Single-Channel Systems until December 10

With the recent retirement of the RefTek 125A “Texan” single-channel systems from the PASSCAL instrument pool, IRIS is interested in finding a new home for this equipment where it can continue to support seismologic research. Continue Reading

2021 Nov 8th

IRIS Statement on Racism in the Geoscience

We at IRIS join our colleagues from across the country and around the globe in unequivocally denouncing racism. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We also know that racism is persistent in STEM and that there are systemic inequalities in academia and particularly in the geosciences. Continue Reading

2021 Oct 15th

New England Bolide Detected by Seismic Station

A seismic station operated by the US Geological Survey and originally installed as part of NSF's EarthScope Transportable Array, recorded a bolide in New England on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Continue Reading

2021 Oct 14th

MERMAID Data Now Available through the IRIS DMC

EarthScope-Oceans data are now fully archived, curated and available at the IRIS DMC. Continue Reading

2021 Oct 14th

Women in Geoscience Video series

These short videos feature a broad range of women in geoscience from around the world. These inspiring scientists describe their work, their interests, and their desire to inspire young women to pursue STEM and STEAM. Continue Reading

2021 Sep 28th

Read the Summer 2021 Issue of the IRIS Data Services Newsletter

The newsletter highlights IRIS Data Services products and services. Continue Reading

2021 Aug 26th

Community Announcement: CMG-3T Sensors Available

IRIS announces the availability of surplus Guralp CMG-3T seismometers. Submit your application by Friday, September 10, 2021. Continue Reading

2021 Aug 16th

Nominations Sought for IRIS Board of Directors

Elections this year will be held for two Director positions and to select the new/current Director who will serve as vice-Chair of the Board. Continue Reading

2021 Aug 11th

Submit Your Proposal to the Simpson Innovation Fund 2021

Proposals may be submitted by individual Consortium members or groups of members by September 17, 2021, to the Chair of the relevant IRIS Standing or Advisory Committee. Continue Reading