Standing Committee Meeting Report Working Group on Long-Term Seafloor Seismographs

July 2017

Action Items

Writing Assignments/Action Items Due by Friday, August 18, 2017 so that I have time to condense the content into a presentation for the OBSIP Symposium in September.

Scientific Needs

Action Item: J. Collins and B. Romanowicz to send shielded/buried study papers to Katrin for WG website.

Action Item: J. Irving and J. Park to work on pilot study location related work, e.g. station location/seismic phase heat maps.

Action Item: J. Caplan-Auerbach to present a summary of what we’ve discussed to OBSIP Oversight Committee. Provide feedback from OBSIP OC back to GSN SC.


Hardware component needs

Action Item: A. Trehu will look into the Japanese seismic stations (e.g., BBOBS-NX) that correct for tilt.

Action Item: J. Irving will look up rise time for MERMAID, and get numbers from F. Simons.

Action Item: K. Hafner will make the 2002 Design Goals document of the GSN available to the WG. Also send OBSIP design standards.

Action Item: B. Romanowicz to send slides/documents of previous data needs studies to Katrin for WG website (also those that are ION Workshop related ([url=][/url])

Action Item: J. Berger and J. Collins – Send summary write-ups of acoustical data offload and new deployment methods to be considered for pilot station(s). Consider short-term (3-5 year) and long-term (10-year) design goals for open ocean GSN station.


International Development and Collaborations

Action Item: J. Collins will provide list of potential re-usable IODP (or other) holes drilled for potential BH pilot station.

Action Item: B. Romanowicz to be in touch with Kawakatsu, to get an update on Pacific Array.