Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

January 2021

Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Meeting

Winter Teleconference

Thursday, January 14, 2021

1-2:30 PM EST (10-11:30 AM PST)


Topic Presenter

Roll Call and Introductions

  V. Lekic (Chair)

Membership rotation

  V. Lekic

Review of Action Items

  V. Lekic

PIQQA (PI’s Quick Quality Assessment)

  J. Sweet

QA updates: 

○ New ASL contributed metric: gsn_timing

○ Issue: MUSTANG PSDs lacking values for 23:00-00:30 hour

○ Upcoming changes to the on-the-fly availability metrics (ts_ metrics)

○ Metrics coverage for sample_rate_resp, sample_rate_channel, max_range

○ Tools: QuARG release and ISPAQ version 3 (in development)

  G. Sharer

New Action Items and final comments

  V. Lekic

Action Items:

JUL2016-002: DMC network QA reports and QuARG report tool development
Responsible:  Laura Keyson and Gillian Sharer
Status: QuARG was released in November 2020. CLOSED.

JUL2019-003: Update on progress of FDSN QA
Responsible: Jerry Carter
Status: Next FDSN meeting will be in Summer 2021, virtually.

JAN2020-001:  Create a plan to rotate QAAC members. After approval from the QAAC, send plan to the Board of Directors.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: In progress

JAN2020-006:  Send letter to the USGS asking about their procedures for evaluating new sensor models in-house and suggestions for QA metrics used.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: Corresponded with Dave Wilson and Adam Ringler. CLOSED.

JUN2020-001: Collaborate with Mladen Dordevic (IRIS HQ) to bring the QAAC into theCommittee database to align with the other Committees
Responsible: Gillian Sharer
Status: Completed. CLOSED.

JUN2020-002: Assemble existing scripts/tools for MUSTANG interactions with MATLAB
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: Follow up with Andy and Kasey to put together one or two example scripts that can be added to the IRIS QA web pages.

JUN2020-003: Summarize communication with ASL about strong motion and broadband metrics and send report to the QAAC
Responsible: Morgan Moschetti
Status: No updates.

JUN2020-004: Provide current PASSCAL outbrief document to the QAAC
Responsible: Justin Sweet 
Status: Completed. CLOSED.

JUN2020-005: Establish relations between the QAAC and the Instrumentation Committee by contacting Andy Frassetto or Gary Pavlis.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: Completed. CLOSED.

JUN2020-006: Compile reports of QA problems caused by COVID-19; including data availability, sensor performance, etc. Quantify in some way the data availability / quality reduction due to deferred maintenance.
Responsible: Katrin Hafner
Status: No Progress.

(NEW) JAN2021-001: Initiate further discussion of the tasks needed to integrate MUSTANG into the new IRIS/UNAVCO merger (including QA for GNSS) and future deployment to the cloud, the usefulness of associative QA measurements (mass position, synthetics), and the dissemination of sensor operator knowledge.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic