Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

January 2020

Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Meeting

Winter Teleconference

Thursday, January 16 , 2020

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST (10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PST)

Topic Presenter
Roll Call and Introductions V. Lekic (Chair)
Membership Rotation V. Lekic
Review of Action Items V. Lekic

QA Update:

  • Running metrics on the PH5 archive data
  • Additions to the MUSTANG Databrowser
  • Spectrogram color palettes
G. Sharer
Quality Assurance Report Generator (QuARG) update L. Keyson
New action items and final comments V. Lekic

Action Items:

DEC2015-006: Recommend development of MATLAB interface for MUSTANG
Responsible: Jerry Carter
Status: This year’s budget did not have funding available. Currently, NSF Review priorities take precedence.

JUL2016-002: DMC network QA reports and QuARG report tool development
Responsible:  Laura Keyson and Gillian Sharer
Status: The last UU report was produced in August; these reports have now been suspended. The QuARG report tool is in beta-testing.

JUL2017-001: Reach out to National Strong Motion Center, Menlo Park, for suggestions on good quality assurance metrics for strong motion data.
Responsible: Mary Templeton and Vedran Lekic
Status: Morgan Moschetti had conversations with Jaime at NSMC but she didn’t have suggestions for metrics. CLOSED.

NOV2017-001: Quality Principles Adherence review by membership of QAAC.
Responsible: Bob Woodward and Vedran Lekic
Status: CLOSED.

DEC2018-001: Distribute PASSCAL feedback outreach form/outbrief document for PIs and consider recommending questions regarding quality tools and practices employed.
Responsible: Kent Anderson
Status: Vedran sent a letter to PASSCAL asking about their stance on releasing the quality information from the outbrief form. The Committee discussed PASSCAL’s response which recommended an embargoed automated quality report based on MUSTANG availability metrics and PDFs. The QAAC supports the development of a non-embargoed automated quality report that can be referenced in StationXML. CLOSED.

DEC2018-003: Document the metrics/thresholds that the GSN is currently using, with the caveat that the details are still being worked out.
Responsible: Katrin Hafner
Status: Katrin’s presentation from the Summer 2019 QAAC meeting serves as the documentation. CLOSED.

DEC2018-004 - Data request fulfillment reliability.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: Ved will follow up to make sure that comments from ROVER testers are entered on the GitHub page.

JUL2019-001: Circulate survey regarding MATLAB interface for MUSTANG (we will need feedback by next week).
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: Survey was sent out and the results were discussed. CLOSED.

JUL2019-002: The Committee should look at the miniseed3 specification and offer comments as individual members. Comments should be sent to Chad Trabant.
Responsible: all committee members
Status: Comments are still welcome. CLOSED.

JUL2019-003: Update on progress of FDSN QA
Responsible: Jerry Carter
Status: No progress to report.

(NEW) JAN2020-001: Create a plan to rotate QAAC members. After approval from the QAAC, send plan to the Board of Directors.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic

(NEW) JAN2020-002: MATLAB interface survey responses: follow-up with anyone who said that they were willing to share an existing solution
Responsible: Vedran Lekic

(NEW) JAN2020-003: Maintain communication lines with the National Strong Motion Center, for suggestions on good quality assurance metrics for strong motion data. Reach out to the Albuquerque Seismic Laboratory.
Responsible: Morgan Moschetti

(NEW) JAN2020-004: Reach out to UNAVCO to find out if they have a document similar to IRIS’s Quality Principles.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic

(NEW) JAN2020-005: Follow up on PASSCAL’s response to the QAAC request to make more quality information public. Vedran Lekic will draft a brief reply letter to Prof. Magnani and Bob Woodward will bring our feedback to the next PASSCAL Standing Committee meeting
Responsible: Vedran Lekic and Bob Woodward

(NEW) JAN2020-006: Send letter to the USGS asking about their procedures for evaluating new sensor models in-house and suggestions for QA metrics used.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic