Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

December 2014

Fall AGU, San Francisco, CA
2014-12-16 12:00:00

Quality Assurance Working Group meeting – Fall AGU 2014

Palomar Hotel (12 Fourth Street San Francisco, CA 94103)
DeYoung Boardroom
December 10th at 12:00 1:30pm


  1. Roll Call and Introductions (McNamara)
  2. Presentation of MUSTANG metrics in use for QA (Templeton)
  3. MUSTANG metrics status and coverage (Ashmore)
  4. Updates on LASSO development (Frassetto)
  5. Updates on DQA (Ringler)
  6. External providers of metrics data to MUSTANG (Ahern)
  7. IRIS Quality Principles for Data ​(Anderson)
  8. IRIS DMC QA Vision statement ​(McNamara)

Action Items

Action Item #1: Distribute DMC QA team Vision Statement for QAWG review
Responsible: McNamara

Action Item #2: Distribute Data Quality Principles for QAWG review
Responsible: McNamara

Action Item #3: Write SRL paper on MUSTANG
Responsible: Casey, Ahern, McNamara

Action Item #4: Prepare a report to the MUSTANG and LASSO teams with user feedback
Responsible: McNamara