Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2015

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

October 15-16, 2015

PASSCAL Instrument Center, Socorro, NM

1. Anderson: Direct RAMP references with PASSCAL are directed to standard instrument request packages with explanation that RAMP is no longer funded in SAGE

2. Anderson/Beaudoin: Prepare draft portable experiment out-briefing questionnaire and beta test with a few select PIs

3. Beaudoin: Present data successfully-uploaded versus delinquent datasets with time

4. Beaudoin: Provide a cost comparison between all-in-one type broadband system (similar to Meridian) versus a standard BB system

5. Okaya/Hole: Recruit a coordinating committee to lead/run a pre-workshop seminar/short course at the 2016 IRIS workshop targeted at instructing PI’s on how to perform an explosive source experiment

6. Harder: Provide a training plan for expanding the number of certified explosive source shooters and explosive source PI's

7. Harder: Provide a budget (time and expense) spend on training this past year and a budget for training next year

8. Anderson/Beaudoin: Record the upcoming PASSCAL pre-AGU workshop that will be giving an intro to PH5

9. Anderson: Amend the current ASWG recommendation on the Seismic Source Facility with PASC input

10. Anderson: Continue recapitalization planning with PASC via virtual interactions - Continue development of plans for congressional targets by late-winter