Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2011

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee
Fall 2011 meeting - Vancouver, Washington - Cascade Volcano Observatory

1.  Unknown:  Make sure the names of suggested PASC members are redacted from Fall 2010 notes

2.  Unknown:  Postmortem and social networking system like SCEC's response for the IRIS community RAMP.  This would include a plan of operation for what types of earthquakes/events should a RAMP capability be designed for.  PASC should re-visit this in the spring.

3.  Aster:  Take funding issues related to RAMP to the BoD.  They should help figure out how to pay for this.  Tell them that Virginia went on PIC staff credit cards.

4.  Beaudoin:  We need to evaluate the PASSCAL instrument policy and potentially rewrite the policy.  Beaudoin will write straw-man. An online test like Survey Monkey would help the information stick with the PI.

5.  Aster:  Agenda item to return to the available PASSCAL support for seismic sources (including the NMT vibroseis) at next meeting

6.  Unknown:  Recommend to the BoD that we invite someone onto the PASC to gain access to industry and build ties

Status:  Added names to list of several potentials from the SEG community - Action item closed

7.  Beaudoin:  Provide data and Aster's update about direct burial in 6 months and in 12 months

Status:  Aster intends to get two intern involved in generating the PSDs and Cross Spectra 

8.  Liberty:  Work on an opportunity to increase awareness at the IRIS workshop to make sure that PIs understand the issues with instrumentation and proper procedures and consequences (three strikes)