Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

February 2004

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

San Diego, CA
February 23-24, 2004

Action Item: Perform an analysis of the costs to the PASSCAL program associated with keeping an inventory of older dataloggers. Construct a strategic plan to include clear cost/benefit justification along with practical and scientific reasons for either retaining or surplusing the older equipment.

Action Item: Form an active source working group with a charge as outlined below. This committee will include:

  • John Hole (chair),
  • Steve Harder,
  • Camelia Knapp, and
  • Representatives from industry and the USGS.

Charge to Committee

Examine the current level of technical expertise within or available to IRIS institutions for conducting active source experiments. What resources are available (and at what cost) to the academic community for:

  • Permitting for shots or vibrators on private and federal lands
  • Contracting and oversight for explosive sources
  • Contracting and oversight of vibrator sources
  • Contracting seismic crews

The committee will make recommendations to the PASSCAL Standing Committee as to what support is needed and how it might be provided to the research community in a practical and cost-effective manner.

Action Item: Survey recent active source experiments have used all of the available Texans and find out how many of those PIs would have liked to have had x-hundred more instruments had they been available? How would more instrumentation actually affect the cost of the experiment for the PI?

Action Item: Examine practical ways PASSCAL might help a PI obtain a satellite phone system.

Approved request to add funds to next years budget for a strategic planning and "vision" workshops for both active source and broadband seismology. These workshops are intended to lay the groundwork for the next 5-10 year strategic plan for PASSCAL, with a focus on defining optimum levels of instrumentation needed to implement state-of-the-art active source and portable broadband seismic experiments.

Approved provisional budget to CoCom that included 60 new Texans in base budget, with a total of 200 Texans at highest priority for additional funding.

Workshop Item:  Work with organizers on the Thursday afternoon PASSCAL session, "past and future", to get a speaker such as George Thomson who can talk about the pre-PASSCAL days and another speaker who will suggest what may be possible in the future.

Workshop Item: Organize poster session featuring integrated active/broadband experiments, e.g. CD ROM, Romania, etc.

Workshop Item: Organize a SIG on PASSCAL future and the development of strategic 5-10 year plan including emphasis on active source and broadband seismology have becoming increasingly integrated in recent large-scale experiments.

Workshop Item: SIG on sources, permitting and other active source issues, to be led by John Hole.