Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

September 2021

September 10, 2021 Virtual Meeting

Participants: Maureen Long (chair), Alberto Lopez Venegas, Ana Aguiar, Andy Frassetto, Andy Newman, Annie Zaino, Brandon Schmandt, Cindy Ebinger

Meeting Summary

The IDSC conducted a webmeeting to discuss the updated IRIS Simpson Fund proposal solicitation and what type of response could best address its goals. The committee determined that due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID pandemic, a traditional in-person internship (ca. 2018, 2019) was unlikely to be a workable proposal. Instead, the group favored either a hybrid or entirely virtual internship with more modest goals than previous fully in-person collaborations. In the spirit of the coming IRIS-UNAVCO merger, the group also proposed to consider interns/projects focused on geodetic research. Following the meeting, development of a proposal was begun in earnest.