Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

October 2019

October 24, 2019 Virtual Meeting

Participants: Anne Meltzer (chair), Diego Melgar, Gavin Hayes, Andy Frassetto, Maureen Long, Xyoli Perez-Campos

Action Items

  • Recruit replacement members
  • Inquire on continuing Simpson Fund international undergraduate internships

Meeting Summary

The discussion focused on whether or not to continue the IDS committee when considering the lack of core support from NSF, the plan to combine the SAGE and GAGE facilities, and the likely merger of IRIS and UNAVCO. The group consensus was to continue serving as a vehicle to formally explore opportunities to support international capacity building. The group made no committee rotations in 2019 and thus priotized the recruitment of new members for a smaller, restructured committee and planned to meet in person at AGU. It made initial plans to renew the Simpson Fund internship program in 2020.