Standing Committee Meeting Report International Development Seismology

December 2016

December 13, 2016, Hotel Zelos, San Francisco, CA

Participants: Andy Frassetto (AF), Anne Meltzer (AM), Harley Benz (HB), Bob Detrick (BD), Rengin Gok (RG), Lee Liberty (LL), Maureen Long (ML), Jay Pulliam (JP), Ray Russo (RR) 

Action Items

  • Develop recommendations for how IRIS responds to SZO workshop report with next steps w.r.t. SZO RCN, SAVI opportunities. Important to identify international partners in this process. Important to coordinate with UNAVCO.
  • Consider addition of UNAVCO member to this committee.
  • Procure copy of existing proposal for producing RAPID proposal template.
  • Add in contact/logistics info (knowing who to contact first by region) to inform future RAPID proposals/execution: RG – Central Asia, RR – South America as needed, JP – Caribbean, AM via Singapore – S.E. Asia.
  • Develop options for “shovel ready project” for Geoscientists Without Borders to consider.
  • Communicate regularly with IRIS Board of Directors. Articulate goals for the next 3 years and present to BoD.

Meeting Summary

The meeting was conducted over breakfast, lasting ~1 hour, 45 minutes. This was the first in-person meeting since the previous AGU, and the agenda focused on reorienting the group under incoming chair, Anne Meltzer.

The group reviewed previous action items, before recounting the recent Subduction Zone Observatory workshop and exploring how to respond to the workshop outcomes report and other opportunities for international interactions either within or outside traditional funding streams. The group also committed to work on a RAPID proposal template with a contact/logistics database for different international regions where these proposals might apply. The group was briefed on recent DOE/LLNL capacity building activities and discussed the SEG Foundation as one such funding source for future efforts. The committee also deliberated on the future role of IDS within IRIS, leaning forward towards an NGEO facility, and how to make practical contributions going forward. The group agreed on the importance of better engaging the UNAVCO community in these efforts.