Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

February 2020

Standing Committee Meeting Report - GSN

 GSN Standing Committee Meeting Spring 2020


Action Items and Consensus Recommendations:

  1. Action Item (Dalton+Committee): Draft and circulate e-mail list and message regarding NSF DCL letters. . Contact former GSN SC members, international collaborators, and stakeholders to encourage community responses to NSF DCL and solicit additional feedback.
  2. Action Item (Hafner): Check on IRIS citation list, start GSN citation list. Open to ongoing community input and have posted somewhere publicly.
  3. Action Item (Dalton+Committee): Draft response to NSF DCL from GSN SC committee and circulate before submission.
  4. Action Item (Lau): Continue providing science highlights, especially in slide form, to Maggie Benoit and NSF for their use in presentations. Send slides and citation list.
  5. Action Item (Hafner, ASL, IDA): Develop or redefine metric for calibrations and provide annotated data continuity plots to committee prior to next GSN SC.
  6. Action Item (ASL/IDA): Standing committee endorses a plan to upgrade remaining T360s to Version 2.
  7. Consensus Recommendation:  (ASL/IDA): Standing committee endorses a plan to install three Version 2 T360s at GSN stations, with the goal of providing a comparison to collocated STS-1 performance;  goal is to have preliminary results available prior to the Fall 2020 GSN SC meeting.
  8. Action Item (Yeck/Rowe/Dalton/Wei/Hafner): Assemble statistics and information on usage of GSN stations to inform future operations:   

                          a) Yeck will update relative use of GSN stations at USGS NEIC for detection and magnitude characterization.
                          b) Rowe will investigate the REB bulletin and statistics associated with GSN stations used at the IDC and US NDC. 
                          c) Dalton will survey GSN stations used for mantle tomography. 
                          d) Wei will survey GSN stations used for mantle discontinuities.
                          e) Hafner will contact NTWC to provide input.

  9. Action Item (Dalton): Bring idea of student/post-doc observers at standing committee meetings to CoCom.

Meeting Summary

Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque, New Mexico

In attendance: C. Dalton, W. Yeck, P. Davis, S. Wei, J. Berger, D. Wilson, A. Ringler, E. Wolin, R. Woodward, M. Vallee, H. Lau, C. Rowe, K. Hafner, K. Aderhold (via phone: C. Wolfe, L. Waszek, M. Benoit, C. Ammon)

Meeting Summary:

  1. Update on negotiations for a joint seismo-geodetic facility, IRIS and UNAVCO president search update, and the NSF dear colleague letter NSF 20-037 - R. Woodward
  2. Progress Reports from the GSN program manager, IDA, and ASL - K. Hafner, P. Davis, D. Wilson
  3. Reports on GSN Infrastructure Improvements and T-360 v2 testing - K. Hafner and A. Ringler
  4. Call with NSF Program Manager - M. Benoit
  5. Update on GSN design goals working group activities & next steps - K. Hafner
  6. Overview of the IRIS IS review and GSN focused questions
  7. Overview of GSN metrics and future reporting
  8. Overview of the IRIS Strategic Plan
  9. Discussion of the scientific goals for GSN

Thursday, February 27, 2020, 9:15 am - 1:00 pm

Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base 

In attendance: C. Dalton, W. Yeck, P. Davis (PD), S. Wei, D. Wilson, A. Ringler, E. Wolin, R. Woodward, M. Vallee, H. Lau, C. Rowe, K. Hafner, R. Anthony, K. Aderhold (via phone: C. Wolfe)

Meeting Summary:

  1. Overview and discussion of the GSN SAGE II/YR 2 & YR 3 budgets
  2. Discussion of the new VBB  vault sensors
  3. Discussion of the IRIS Strategic Plan, Round 2