Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

March 2012

Action Items from GSN Standing Committee Meeting

Seattle, WA

March 22-23, 2012


Action Item #1 (Anderson) – Prepare timeline for Quality Assurance System implementation.  Shoot for week after SC meeting.  Prepare full implementation plan by Fall SC meeting.


Action Item #2 (Gee and Ahern) – Ahern will present metrics from MUSTANG for comparison with DQA metrics.  Accomplished


Action Item #3 (Anderson and Gee) – We will coordinate with TA posthole experiment at ASL to determine optimal burial depths of broadband sensors in boreholes.  TA will provide shallow holes (3, 5, and 10m) and GSN will coordinate with ASL on intermediate depth holes (30 and 60m) to be compared against 100m and 200m existing holes at ASL.


Action Item #4 (Anderson, Frassetto and Templeton) – Post DMC GSN-quality status report on GSN quality webpage.  Link to ASL and IDA operations pages.


Action Item #5 (GSN SC – Quality subgroup) – Prepare input to a generic MUSTANG client interface by Fall SC meeting.  As necessary, determine GSN specific client interface requirements.