Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

March 2011

Action Items from GSN Standing Committee

Bolger Center, Potomac, MD

March 30-31, 2011

Action Item #1 (Ahern): For a handful of stations, it looks like the data at the DMC is gappier/different than the data that the network operators have (e.g., TRIS, KIP). Tim Ahern will look into it and let the GSNSC know what he finds.

Action Item #2 (Ahern et al): Tim Ahern will provide software functional specification for MUSTANG to a subgroup of GSN SC for review and input. Ammon, Anderson, Hayes, Nettles, Gavin, Gee and Davis will read functional spec and provide feedback to Tim. Function specifications expected to be release early May.

Action Item #3 (Anderson and QAT): Quality Assessment Team will draft a concept-of-operations document by April 14, 2011 that will first go to a GSN-SC; the SC provides feedback to QAT within a week (by April 21, 2011). This leaves a week for further revisions before the document is presented to the board. The document is to lay out the concept of how the quality initiative is going to happen.

Action Item #4 (Hayes, Nettles, Thorne): A sub-committee of the GSN will review and summarize the contents of the quality-assessment table as it stands now. Will write a “caption” summarizing this table.

Action Item #5 (Anderson): Kent will draft a summary of the important issues involved in considering a particular station to become a GSN affiliate station.

Action item #6 (Anderson): Kent to investigate possibilities for appropriate proposal to raise funds for improving the KS-54000 borehole sensor.