Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

March 2008

GSN SC Action Items, Spring meeting - Seattle, IRIS DMC - March 2008

mtg-Action item #/Responsible Party

S08-1/Gee, Davis:  Request to network operators to provide summary of costs for calibration activities, including time required and accuracy (orientation of sensors).

S08-2/Gee, Davis:  The two Network Operators should discuss together and make a joint recommendation on standards and methods for GSN sensor orientation.

S08-3/Gee, Davis:  SC would like to see a 3-yr Next Generation System roll-out schedule and list of stations from ASL and IDA by March 31, 2008

S08-4/Davis:  IDA to provide impact to IRIS system for various stations should IRIS take over some IDA payments? 

S08-5/Song:  The SC requested clarification by the Board on the policy and future plans for the current funding of Program Management positions? 

S08-6/Anderson, Gee, Davis:  Request Kent Anderson and Network Operators to review calibrations of the GSN core stations and recommend how known errors should be corrected and made known to users.  Report at next SC (6 months).

S08-7/Kong:  Laura Kong  will report on global survey of tsunami warning system use of GSN at Fall SC meeting.

S08-8/Song:  Chair to circulate possible Fall meeting dates to SC for consideration