Standing Committee Meeting Report Global Seismographic Network

September 2003

Action Items for GSN Standing Committee

September 2003

Action item 1:

GSNSC requests GSN travel support for a GSN member (Tromp, Laske, and/or Park, with Lay being alternative), to attend the ocean science meeting in January, to represent the GSN/USArray planning regarding possible scientific re-use of the ocean cables.

Action item 2:

Committee supports the proposal that the designated IMS/AEDS stations be affiliated with the GSN and encourage the undertaking of appropriate arrangements to make it happen.

Action item 3:

Committee supports invitation of an AFTAC external observer to future GSNSC meetings and requests the IRIS pursue such arrangements.

GSN Resolution:

The committee unanimously adopts the following resolution:

Recognizing the lack of availability of new STS-1 sensors, GSNSC encourages that the USArray backbone stations identified as GSN stations be deployed with sites that are up to GSN vault standards, but with STS-2 sensors, and that USArray money allocated to purchase STS-1s be used to purchase STS-2 spares for the backbone stations. GSNSC also encourages the installation of the three borehole stations with attention to VBB sensor distribution.