Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

October 2013

Action Items  - EPO Standing Committee Meeting


IRIS HQ, Washington, DC

• Find out why some people aren’t getting new online newsletter.

• Update and release curriculum RFP for IRIS faculty

• Create ECI repository specification sheet

• Begin providing jAmaSeis teaching materials on website.

• Contact PASSCAL about potential Shallow Geophysics workshop at IRIS workshop.

• Identify apps to develop/modify/promote over next 6 months.

• EPOSC will have virtual meetings every 2 months

• Bring together PASSCAL & EPO chairs to discuss coordination.

• Develop position description for the dissemination of best practices

• Form subcommittee to begin developing assessment plan for IRIS and other GEO facilities

• Organize Seismographs in Schools network operators workshop.

• Update Educational Affiliate membership description and benefits

• Assist in recruitment drive for new members of ECI working group

• Provide glossary for all the acronyms to help new committee members to get up to speed.