Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

February 2008

Action Items

E&O Standing Committee

February 29 – March 1, 2008

•    IF will work with E&O staff when the proposals come in from the evaluators.
•    Laura Serpa, Glenn Kroeger and Laura Wetzel volunteered to further develop ideas regarding Educational Affiliates for the next E&O meeting.
•    GK and LW will put together an agenda for the pre-meeting workshop and one SIG.
•    KF, IF, and JT will develop the second SIG, and will potentially contact Stephanie Hanna and Brian Atwater to help. 
•    LW and KF offered to help with the new REU proposal.
•    SE, MH & JT to get together in the near future to more fully discuss future collaboration between IRIS and RESESS.
•    MW—Determine what can be done at the IRIS annual meeting to engage the entire IRIS community in a discussion about researchers’ needs, NSF needs, and IRIS needs for outreach.
•    MT —Create a Wiki to address outreach issues.
•    KR:  Place newer tomography figure as recommended by MW.  Remove subjective or inflammatory language such as “negligence” throughout, including in the PowerPoint slide with the AP photo.
•    MW will solicit from the IRIS community tomographic images for potential use in a poster.  Target audience for poster:  middle- to high-school students.  Hence, images must be “iconic.”  Publications Subcommittee consisting of LS and GP will assist MW in selecting tomography images.
•    KF—Will contact Chuck to see what he needs to further develop the animations.
•    JT--Develop a new plan to assess what effect the AS1s have had on student learning. 
•    MW will send an email to the E&O committee within a week to discuss new initiatives to justify a 10% budget increase.
•    Move “Seismographs in Schools” earlier in the agenda for future meeting.
•    Hour-long conference call in upcoming weeks initiated by MW or JT.
•    Send suggestions to MW for new committee member