Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

March 2007


Action Items
IRIS Education and Outreach Standing Committee

March 15-16, 2007

  • J. Taber: Talk to legal council about putting Distinguished Lecturer presentations on Web if we don’t have legal permission to use all figures.

  • M. Hubenthal+J. Taber: prepare new RU proposal with help from committee member this year or next, depending on NSF notification schedule.

  • L. Bleacher: Create bullet point list of cost-options for Active Earth displays.  Explore wider dissemination, create dissemination plan.

  • J. Taber: Ask Aaron Velasco if resources would be more useful for other activities at SACNAS rather than booth.

  • M. Hubenthal: Contact Tina Niemi about participating in SACNAS.

  • M. Hubenthal +J. Taber: Submit proposal for 1-2 sessions by end of April for CAST. 

  • S. Hough: Contact D. Griscom, SeisMac developer, with Russ in loop, to decide on data formats for saving SeisMac data.

  • J. Taber:  Approach Apple re: marketing of SeisMac

  • S. Ingate: Pursue contact with RLL instruments re: VolksMeter, bring issue to attention of instrumentation committee. 

  • L. Bleacher: Revise call for 2009 nominations by fall, include clear information regarding venue of lectures, requirement that lecturers be in U.S. during lectureship.

  • L. Bleacher: get statistics on age group for Earth Science Week packet distribution.

  • J. Taber, J. Mallett, C. Loos, L. Bleacher: Extract figures from “Century of Great Earthquakes.”  Develop new area on resources page for digital resources with figures and captions, with IRIS logo. Create PPT file using figures from poster.

  • M. Wysession: Select images from IRIS proposal 1-pagers, give to Chris providing on web site. 

  • C. Loos: set up random-image generator, replace “Image of the Week,” with random images pulled from pool.

  • Everyone: send figures and captions for website to Lora. 

  • S. Hough: Create text and suggest images for one-pager on magnitude. 

  • C. Snelson: Contact Exxon-Mobil/SEG re: support for interns, participation at meetings.

  • J. Taber: Follow up with Alan Jones re: Google-Earth, find out about plans, explore opportunities with real-time data. 

  • L. Wetzel: Contact Wikipedia, can they “lock down” pages if provided from IRIS? 

  • P. Dorr:  Attempt to track USArray student siting teams after their summer job, to determine if siting job had effect on career choices

  • J. Taber: Prepare plan for moving forward with content development, including use of volunteers.