Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

February 2006

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee meeting

Action Items

February 20-21, 2006
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  1. M. Hubenthal: Alter internship host form, look into ways to allow online recommendations.

  2. M. Wysession: Develop ways to intertwine advertisement and programs of IRIS with distinguished lecturers.  GL will develop 2-3 powerpoint slides for lectures. M. Wysession will develop plan to reach minority communities.

  3. REU committee: Look for ways to expand applicant pool from non-traditional fields and for minority applications.

  4. Form subcommittee to interact with DBIS.
         Committee: K. Furlong, A. Velasco, C. Snelson.
         Interact with G. Levy, once a month.

  5. C. Loos: Redesign Image of the Week web archive to allow categorization. 

  6. J. Taber and C. Loos: Develop archives of figures, starting with 1-pagers from 5yr proposal.

  7. J. Taber: Ask user community about needs recommendations for web site

  8. M. Hubenthal and L. Wetzel: JGE article will be written to highlight IRIS resources after site is redesigned.

  9. M. Hubenthal and Glenn Kroger: Initiate development of 2-pagers to highlight results of cutting edge research.

  10. Committee: Look for Distinguished Lecture venues to reach diverse audiences (eg. HBCUs)

  11. GL: Create list of potential speakers to give community talks: “Speakers Bureau”

  12. J. Taber: Distinguished Lecturer selection committee to be formed for 2007 speakers before April.

  13. M. Hubenthal: rework current USESN RFP.  Narrow focus for curriculum development.

  14. S. Hough: Check into virtual drum development at Caltech

  15. J. Taber: Give RA estimate of need of space for drums.

  16. J. Taber, M. Wysession, A. Velasco: Set up meeting with IRIS, UNAVCO and EarthScope E&O program officers and chairs to coordinate efforts.

  17. M. Wysession: Form subcommittee to look into translations of additional materials.