Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

February 2005

IRIS Education and Outreach Committee meeting

Action Items

February 24-25, 2005
Austin, Texas

  1. KE to contact Environmental Science Institute at UTIG to see if IRIS can replicate Wald and Bilham talks for distribution.
  1. CS to contact Roger Young and work with JT to get announcements to various departments about seismic processing workshop.  CS to work with R. Young on course. 
  1. SE, AK, JT, and SI to use DLESE meeting as a deadline to address USArray needs using REV.
  1. Subcommittee of KE, AK, SS to work with JT to develop USESN plan and modify RFP.
  1. Committee members to encourage teachers in their areas to apply for an AS1.  GL to send information to committee members.
  1. AK to talk to Jeff Batten about electronics issues. GL to return broken black boxes.
  1. GL to explore reciprocal attributions, mutual links with SpiNet and IRIS, and to assess site.  Committee members welcome to look at site and send comments to GL.
  1. Committee members to send Images of the Week to GL.  GL to circulate monthly assignment list. 
  1. MH to organize an Educational Affiliates workshop prior to the IRIS meeting.
  1. MH to explore having the intern orientation in Tucson associated with the IRIS annual workshop.  
  1. JT to talk with SCEC about a museum proposal to NSF. 
  1. JT and SE to pursue adding geodetic components to Museum Lite.
  1. IRIS to pursue putting a Museum Lite display at NSF building.
  1. Committee members to send ideas to GL for framed photos to hang in EarthScope office.
  1. Committee to send media materials featuring IRIS and/or EarthScope to GL for archiving.
  1. GL, JT to complete one-pager #7, IRIS book mark
  1. The committee is tasked to help find something that is newsworthy each week to provide to EarthScope.
  1. JT to contact past E&O committee members to write one-pagers.
  1. AK to work with MH on potential for online graduate course.
  1. JT to create response plan for big earthquakes.