Standing Committee Meeting Report Education and Public Outreach

November 2003

Action Items from E&O Committee Meeting November 20-21, 2003

Attendees: Rick Aster, Michael Hamburger, Susan Schwartz, Steve Semken (secretary), Russ Welti, Michael Hubenthal
Present for part of meeting (in person or by telephone): Tom Boyd, Alan Kafka, David Simpson, John Taber, Lisa Wald

  • Contact and join 1906 Earthquake Centennial Alliance
  • Review Vulnerability to Natural Hazards poster; consider adding volcanic hazards
  • Evaluate potential to upgrade AS-1
  • Assess and compare Seismic Explorer, GEE, Winquake, and Amaseis; prepare summary for next E&O Comm meeting
  • Endorse IRIS donation of AS-1 plus PC to needy school in Kazakhstan
  • Work on making GEE/REV and Seismic Monitor merge seamlessly
  • Disseminate 2004 Lectureship information more broadly
  • Address problem of absentee members
  • Follow up on arranging speaker for NSTA
  • Contact On the Cutting Edge organizers for potential IRIS workshop
  • Write NSF REU proposal for Internship program
  • Draft recommendation to EarthScope ESEC/EFEC regarding E&O effort, to be jointly endorsed by IRIS E&O committee and EarthScope E&O Steering committee and/or EON Advisory Board
  • Develop Museum Lite 1.0 beta by next E&O Comm meeting
  • Send link to Web record section project to E&O Comm when ready
  • Recommend how IRIS data (especially DMS) capabilities could interface with USGS Special Events web page
  • Replace three committee members who are rotating off the committee (Boyd, Hamburger, Schwartz)
  • Draft recommendation to ExCom regarding CSU application
  • Edit job description and announcement for new E&O position at IRIS
  • Prioritize action items related to USESN that could make most effective use of all or part of carryover funds
  • Get copies of AIP videos and clarify their distribution policies for E&O purposes
  • Research and development of IRIS-hosted "quilt,""matrix," or "cube" of links to exemplary educational materials (formal and informal) organized according to standards and linked to DLESE. Draft by next E&O Comm meeting
  • Communicate with Gary Lewis, GSA, about IRIS partnership in development of "Explore Earthquakes" CD