Standing Committee Meeting Report COCOM

October 2002

Report to ExCom

October 16, 2002 CoCom Meeting

Maryland University, MD


Attendees: Tim Ahern (IRIS), Rick Aster (E&O, NMT), Rhett Butler (IRIS), Goran Ekstrom (ExCom, Harvard), Jim Fowler (IRIS), Shane Ingate (IRIS), Roy Johnson (PASSCAL, UA Tucson), Monica Kohler (DMS, UCLA), Tom Owens (ExCom, USC), Gary Pavlis (ExCom, IndianaU), Candy Shin (IRIS), David Simpson (IRIS), John Taber (IRIS), Greg van der Vink (IRIS), Cecily Wolf (GSN, UHawaii).

Recommendations to ExCom

CoCom requests that:

  • ExCom approve the budget carry over
  • ExCom endorse the H2O proposal. If successful, funding will be provided by OCE, which will be added to the New Cooperative Agreement.


Action Item: No report from PASSCAL on using R&D funds from core budget, and RAMP review and assessment. Jim Fowler was asked to raise these issues before the PASSCAL Standing Committee, and forward by email resolutions to ExCom.


Action Item: On behalf of IRIS Ocean Cable Inc., Rhett Butler is requested to contact ATT with a plan to submit a proposal for taking over the soon-to-be-retired Hawaii 4, TPC-3 and TAT-4 cables.

Mexico Collaboration

Action Item: Shane Ingate is tasked to again contact interested parties, extending the distribution list to MARGINS and PBO officers, in an effort to have 3-4 individuals server on an organizing committee. David Simpson is asked to do the same to initiate collaborative work in Canada.

Instrumentation Committee

Action Item: Jim Fowler, Rhett Butler and Shane Ingate are asked to recommend as new member to replace Tom McEvilley, and to forward their recommendation to ExCom.


A worthwhile task for the IC is the preparation of a "Manual of Practice for Installing Seismometers," which is deemed necessary for Transportable Array Installation by a national geophysical firm and PIs on PASSCAL experiments.