Global Risk Identification Programme


Posted: 2006 Aug 25.

On its web pages, the GRIP program is summarized as:

"Organisations active in disaster risk identification have collaboratively decided to establish an interinstitutional framwork to support and coordinate activities to promote systematic improvement and application of risk information. The Global Risk Identification Programme (GRIP) is a global program created for assessing, identifying, and analysing information on disaster risks and losses. The main objective of GRIP is an improved evidence base for disaster risk management to enable the application and prioritisation of effective disaster risk reduction strategies at the national, regional, and global scales."

GRIP's on-line documents include a one-page outline of the program.


In July 2006, as an extension of GRIP, the ProVention Consortium submitted a proposal to the World Bank to initiate new activities that address the risks identified in the Hotspots report. IRIS contributed materials for the proposal on a project to prepare a Training Roster and Materials (TRAM).