Opportunities for EarthScope Science in Alaska
in Anticipation of USArray

Opportunities for EarthScope Science in Alaska in Anticipation of USArray

This workshop was held on May 16-17, 2011, in advance of the 2011 EarthScope National Meeting in Austin, Texas, with 76 participants. The workshop report and white papers are now available for download

A draft workshop agenda has now been posted.

Workshop Goals

  • Discuss science goals that can be addressed using EarthScope data from Alaska, building on the EarthScope Science Plan for 2010-2020
  • Capitalize on excitement from choice of Alaska as a GeoPRISMS SCD primary focus site to build broader community support for these goals
  • Expand the breadth of community providing input to EarthScope
  • Provide general recommendations for deployment of USArray Transportable Array in Alaska
  • Provide an opportunity to develop cross-disciplinary personal contacts and stimulate future scientific collaborations
  • Focused, smaller breakout sessions highlighting "Exceptional Scientific Opportunities"

Workshop Format and Agenda

The workshop featured several invited, cross-disciplinary talks, breakout discussion sessions, and a lively poster session Monday evening. Many participants brought a poster or map. We solicited 1-pager or 2-pager white papers from all attendees, discussing either research results or hypotheses that could be tested, and based on these white papers, we selected several speakers to give short (5 minute) mini-talks to complement the invited speakers.

The full Workshop Report and Agenda can be accessed via the tabs above.

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