Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

The QAAC is an Advisory Committee that reports to the Data Services and Instrumentation Services Standing Committees.

Current Members

updated 01/26/2016

Name Affiliation
Bostock, Michael             DSSC/U. British Columbia
Porter, Ryan Northern Arizona Univ.
Gilbert, Hersh ISSC/Purdue University
Davis, Pete IDA DCC/UCSD
Ammon, Chuck Penn State
Clinton, John ETH Zurich
Ringler, Adam ASL/USGS


Name Affiliation
Ahern, Tim                             IRIS DS
Woodward, Bob IRIS IS
Anderson, Kent IRIS IS
Casey, Rob IRIS DS
Sharer, Gillian IRIS DS
Templeton, Mary IRIS DS
Hutchinson Keyson, Laura IRIS DS
Aderhold, Kasey IRIS OMO
Anderson Aur, Katherine PASSCAL

Charge to the Quality Assurance Advisory Committee (QAAC)

The QAAC exists to improve the overall quality of all seismic data entering the IRIS DMC, promote tools to organize high-quality, research-ready, seismic data sets for the broad community, and enhance quality control feedback to network operators. The  QAAC advises the activities of IRIS as they relate to data quality of seismological managed by the IRIS DMC. The advisory committee includes representatives from various aspects of research and applied seismology. Specifically, the advisory committee should include representation from the global seismic network community, the regional network community, the international and national network communities (ANSS), the portable experiment community (PASSCAL) and the research community at large.

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Define the attributes of quality seismic data;
  • Review established metrics and identify new metrics needed to evaluate the quality of seismic data;
  • Design and consider attributes of data quality visualization tools;
  • Discuss state of the art processes in data quality assessment that serve the optimal maintenance of a network of scientific data capture;
  • Develop efficient and informative feedback mechanisms to relay QC information to seismic network operators and data users;
  • Promote the standardization of QC metrics within the FDSN; and
  • Determine scientific utility of QA efforts and metric data;

Meetings will be held quarterly, usually by teleconference, with one face-to-face meeting to be held at the Fall AGU. Quarterly reports will be made to the DSSC and ISSC.

Action Items