Webinars held in 2016

2016-11-30IDEA(L) Model Message Design and Distribution Strategies
Deanna and Tim Sellnow, University of Central Florida
2016-10-27Tips and Tricks for Applying to Graduate School in the Geosciences
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, Western Washington University
2016-09-21FuncLab 1.7.8: one postdoc’s revision to a community Matlab tool for handling receiver functions
Rob Porritt, University of Arizona
2016-05-25Hydrocarbon Play Elements from a Geophysical Point of View
Fred Schroeder, retired from Exxon-Mobil and Noble Energy
2016-05-18Ground Motion and Hazard from Induced Seismicity
Gail Atkinson, Western University
2016-03-16Building Earthquake Early Warning on the West Coast
Dr. John Vidale, University of Washington
2016-02-03Yes, Humans Really Are Causing Earthquakes
Justin Rubinstein, USGS-Menlo Park
2016-01-19Procesos de Ruptura al Borde de Zonas de Acoplamiento Sísmico
Dr. Pablo Ampuero, California Institute of Technology