Webinars held in 2015

2015-12-02 Building a community project: the experience of the Eastern North America Margin (ENAM) Community Seismic Experiment
M. Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University
2015-10-29 Aftershock Imaging with Dense Arrays (AIDA): Lessons from the Mw 5.8 Virginia Earthquake of 2011
Drs. Larry Brown (Cornell) and John Hole (Virginia Tech)
2015-10-21 Tomografía de velocidad de grupo de ondas de Rayleigh para el sur y centro de México
Arturo Iglesias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2015-10-14 El “Phase Weighted Stack” y el “Phase Cross-Correlation” para la extracción de señal en ruido sísmico
Martin Schimmel, Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra Jaume Almera
2015-10-08 Tomografía sísmica de ruido sísmico ambiental en la región nordeste de Brasil
Rafaela Dias and Jordi Julia, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
2015-09-23 Thinking Differently About Geoscience Careers
Heather Houlton, American Geoscience Institute
2015-08-26 Insight into the NSF Review System and Early Career Funding Opportunities
Dr. Jennifer Wade, National Science Foundation
2015-06-22 A Global Surge of Great Earthquakes and What We are Learning From Them
Dr. Thorne Lay, University of California Santa Cruz
2015-05-30 ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology
Lion Krischer and Tobias Megies, Munich University
2015-05-13 Antarctic Seismology: Revealing the Secrets of an Ice-Covered Continent
Dr. Douglas Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis
2015-04-30 A Taste of Python and its Capabilities
Emily Wolin, Northwestern University
2015-04-16 Your PASSCAL Instrument Center: How to Get Started Planning Your First (or Next) Experiment
Dr. Megan Anderson, Colorado College
2015-03-11 Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry
Dr. Fred Schroeder, Noble Energy
2015-02-24 MATLAB for Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data
Dr. Loren Shure, MathWorks