Webinars held in 2013

2013-11-20 Induced/Triggered Earthquakes: Examples from Texas
Dr. Cliff Frohlich, University of Texas at Austin
2013-11-14 Slow Earthquakes and Tremor: Imaging a Wide Spectrum of Fault Slip with Mini-Seismic Arrays
Dr. Ahbi Ghosh, University of California, Riverside
2013-11-01 Seismology and Imaging Beneath Alaska: EarthScope's Final Frontier
Dr. Geoff Abers, Cornell University
2013-09-26 IRIS Data Products
Dr. Alex Hutko, IRIS Data Services
2013-09-12 3D Inversion of EarthScope MT Data
Dr. Gary Egbert, Oregon State University
2013-05-29 Methods of Seismic Monitoring for Underground Nuclear Explosions: Past, Present, and (Maybe) Future
Dr. Paul Richards, Columbia University
2013-04-24 Seismic Tomography and Interferometry: from Shallow to Deep
Dr. Fan Chi-Lin, California Institute of Technology
2013-04-10 Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Presentations a Little Bit Better
Dr. Scott St. George, University of Minnesota
2013-03-28 Body-Wave Seismic Interferometry - Data Mining from Distant Seismicity
Dr. Elmer Ruigrok, Delft University of Technology
2013-03-13 Under the Sea - Ocean Bottom Seismology for Landlubbers
Dr. Doug Wiens, Washington University in St. Louis
2013-02-26 The Secret Lives of 'Quiescent' Volcanoes - Clues from Volcano Seismology
Dr. Diana Roman, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism
2013-01-31 Understanding the NSF system: Some Tips from a Program Officer's Perspective
Dr. Greg Anderson, National Science Foundation
2013-01-09 Communicating Science with the Media and General Public
Dr. Lucy Jones, United States Geological Survey