Data Services Short Course at 2016 IRIS Workshop

IRIS Data Services

Tuesday, June 7, 2016; 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Staff from the IRIS Data Services group that work at the Data Management Center in Seattle, WA will host an interactive workshop on June 7, 2016, the day before the start of the IRIS Summer Workshop in Vancouver, Washington. This workshop is designed to bring together scientists who utilize data and resources from the DMC, with workshop-attending staff to share updates on current activities within this facility, and answer questions that you may have accumulated from your interactions with the DMC. We solicit new scientists along withveteran users from diverse disciplines so that we can maximize the discussion and exchanges, and enlightenment.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a computer with them to try out tools that we are discussing.

To register for this workshop, please email: Rick Benson 

There are no fees to attend this one-day workshop.

For additional information, please contact:
Rick Benson

        =========   AGENDA =========

12:00  Lunch - Sandwich & Drink

12:30  Welcome and Introductions  Rick Benson

12:40  Rick Benson, DMC Operations

  • Data Services Activities 
    • What are we doing to make data available more quickly?
    • What are we doing for the ”large data” user?
    • Data Discovery- Hands on, ask the DMC panel
  • What Types of Data Does the DMC Manage
    • Focus on raw seismic data
  • How data are referenced in SEED using naming conventions, UTC Times, Virtual Networks

12:55  Chad Trabant & Mick VanFossen, Web Services

  • Fundamentals of Web Services
  • Review of Web Services at the DMC
  • Web Services beyond the browser: Fetch scripts, Java, MATLAB, ObsPy
  • The IRIS Federator, accessing data from multiple data centers

1:45  Alex Hutko, Data Products

  • Syngine-Synthetics Engine. Tailored synthetic seismograms
  • Other data products at the DMC

2:15  Rick Benson

  • Other DMC Services: SeedLink and Batch Requests (breq_fast)
  • Event related data access with WILBER3, a browser based web services client

2:30  Gillian Sharer & Bruce Weertman, Quality Assurance

  • The IRIS MUSTANG Quality Assurance System
    • MUSTANG system
    • MUSTANG Data Browser
    • LASSO
    • Automated scripts for advanced QA

3:10  DMC Staff

  • Answering your questions