Active Source Workshop at 2016 IRIS Workshop

Active Source Seismology: Recent Scientific Results and Facilities for the Future

Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 9:00a-5:30p

The IRIS Controlled Source community will host the workshop "Active Source Seismology: Recent Scientific Results and Facilities for the Future" on June 7, 2016, the day before the start of the IRIS Summer Workshop in Vancouver, Washington.  This workshop is designed to bring together scientists from diverse disciplines who are interested in using land and/or marine controlled source seismic methods.  Scientific targets include the cryosphere, hydrological/critical zones, sedimentation and exploration, outcrop to deep crust and mantle lithosphere, and the marine-to-land transition.  Scientific presentations will examine topics including: crustal imaging that challenges the existing PASSCAL facilities, quantification of physical properties, joint passive-active source utilization of industry nodes, geophysical investigations of the Critical Zone and diverse types of hazards, and full wavefield and other advanced inversion methods.

Objectives of this workshop are to increase scientific interactions among those who could benefit from controlled source seismic methods, identify future scientific directions, and describe needed source and instrumentation capabilities.  The meeting will include discussion and breakout groups to address these topics.  A workshop summary will be produced.  We encourage participation from industry, geological sciences, and other fields outside of seismology or geophysics.

To register for this workshop, please email: Justin Sweet (

For additional information, contact:
    Beatrice Magnani
    David Okaya  

Workshop committee:
    John Hole        Beatrice Magnani        Tom Pratt
    Lee Liberty        David Okaya            Donna Shillington

Workshop Agenda

7:00  Buffet Breakfast

9:00  Welcome, Objectives. (Magnani, Okaya)
9:20-12:00  (I) Scientific Presentations 

  • 9:20   A seismic project that challenged the existing instrument facilities: SSIP (Hole)
  • 9:40   Use of the Seismic Source Facility in recent projects (Shillington)
  • 10:00 Joint passive-active deployment of industry nodes: iMUSH (Schmandt)

10:20  Break

  • 10:40 Investigating the cryosphere with active sources on the ice (Winberry)
  • 11:00 Geophysical investigations of the Critical Zone (Holbrook)
  • 11:20 Active-source contributions to diverse types of hazards (Magnani)
  • 11:40 Session discussion

12:00  Lunch

1:00-2:45  (II) Facility Capabilities and Functionalities

  • 1:00  Trends in PASSCAL active source seismic experiments (Okaya)
  • 1:15  The SAGE Seismic Source Facility (Harder)
  • 2:00  The aging PASSCAL Texan pool & cabled seismogram systems (Beaudoin)
  • 2:15  PH5-based data archiving and retrieval from the DMC (Azevedo)
  • 2:30  Industry nodal technology (Hollis)
  • 2:45  Discussion and breakout instructions

2:45-3:15  Break refreshments available heading into breakout groups

3:00-5:30  (III) Future Community Facility Needs

  • Breakout groups

4:30  Breakout Group Summaries and Plenary Discussion (Magnani, Okaya)

5:30  End