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The Program

How can I get involved?

Who can join the network?

I have some questions, who can I ask?

Who is eligible to receive an AS-1?

How can I purchase an educational seismometer?

What training is available from IRIS?

What is required to keep an AS-1 on loan from IRIS?

I am leaving my teaching assignment, what should I do with my AS-1?


Getting Started

How do I assemble the instrument?

What type of dampening oil should I use?

*How to damp your instrument without oil


The AS-1 Seismometer

Introductory level Q & A

What can I expect to record with my AS-1?

Where's the data? What are these .Z files?


How To...

Exactly how do I extract and save an event in .sac format?

Autosynchronizing your computer clock

*How to keep the PC's clock set

How can I adjust my arrival time if my computer clock is behind?

How do I share data with other teachers?

How do I get the latest version of AmaSeis?

How to add a seismogram into Seismic Waves



A nearby earthquake was reported, but I can't see anything on my helicorder record.

How can I fix my display if data is only going part way across the helicorder screen

"No data on COM1" when AmaSeis starts up.

The helicorder is displaying a totally flat trace.

The trace wanders around

Other noise of unknown source

My station was quiet but now it's very noisy!

My station was working but now it's going crazy with very high amplitudes.

How can I stop from having glitches on my helicorder screen (large negative spikes)?

How do I remove the spikes on the helicorder screen?

*How to test the "AS-1 Black Box"

*Glitch Problem with AmaSeis


Introduction to Seismology

How do I know when an event occurs?

How do I pick P and S arrivals

How does the fault rupture length relate to epicenter?

Should I have been able to record that event?

What is the P-Wave shadow zone and what does it mean if you are located in that zone?

AS-1 Microseism Noise



Is up really up... or is my AS-1 polarity flipped? How can I tell?

*How to calibrate your instrument