Active Uses of Passive Seismic Data - Agenda

Active Uses of Passive Data:
Dirt to Desktop Exploration of Rock Properties, Structure, and Seismicity

(All Talks are 15 mins + 5 min discussion)
7:30-8:00 Coffee & Registration
8:00-8:20 Welcome: What IRIS and industry have to offer each other? (Brodsky/Detrick)
8:20 Session 1: In the Dirt: Acquisition with New Sensors and New Strategies (Chair: Hollis)
8:20-8:40 Mitch Barklage, Nodal Seismic: The Value of Continuously Recording Dense Seismic Arrays to Industry and Academic Seismologists
8:40-9:00 Paul Murray: Passive Data Acquisition with a permanent fiber-optic array, Jubarte Field, Offshore Brazil
9:00-9:20 Robert Stewart, Univ. Houston: Multicomponent seismic sensing: What else can it tell us?
9:20-9:40 Jeroen Tromp, Princeton: Workflow, Data Format and I/O Challenges in Seismic Imaging & Inversion
9:40-9:50 10 min. discussion
--- Coffee Break ---
10:15 Session 2: Finding the Signal in the Noise: New methods and computational possibilities Part I (Chair: Heigl)
10:15-10:35 Robert Clayton, Caltech: Using Dense Seismic Recordings
10:35-10:55 Frederik Simons, Princeton: Strategies for imaging reservoirs with surface waves
10:55-11:15 Neil Spriggs, Nanometrics: Noise characterization
11:15-11:35 Yincai Zheng, MIT: Seismic detection of natural fracture network using very dense data
11:35-11:45 10 min. discussion
11:45 Session 3: The new seismologist: Workforce development (Chair: Schmandt)
11:45-12:00 John Taber, IRIS: Iris summer internships and other workforce training opportunities
--- Lunch (Provided) ---
1:00 Session 4: Finding the Signal in the Noise Part 2: Very dense data (Chair: Shemeta)
1:00-1:20 Aibing Li, Univ. Houston: Broadband recording of hydraulic fracture
1:20-1:40 Larry Brown, Cornell: Reflection Imaging of the Deep Crust with Oil Exploration "Noise"
1:40-2:00 Peter Gerstoft, Scripps: The ocean view of seismic interferometry
2:00-2:20 Greg Beroza, Stanford: Passive-Aggressive Seismic Hazard Analysis
2:20-2:30 10 min. discussion
2:30 --- Coffee Break ---
3:00 Session 5: The new uses of earthquakes (Chair: Brodsky)
3:00-3:20 Nikolaos Martakis: Passive Seismic Tomography: A passive concept actively evolving
3:20-3:40 Anne Sheehan, Colorado: Use of Earthquake Recordings on Geophones for Basin Imaging: Bighorn Arch Seismic Experiment, Wyoming
3:40-4:00 Rebecca Saltzer, Exxonmobil: The LaBarge Passive Seismic Experiment
4:00-4:20 Julian Drew, Schlumberger: Phase squared location imaging of a general moment tensor source
4:20-4:40 Bob Woodward, IRIS: The Wavefields Initiative
5:00 Refreshments