Thursday, April 11

Bring NASA’s Seismic Data from Mars to Your Classroom!
 3:30–4:30 PM | America’s Center, Room 242
Explore data from the first seismometer on Mars! Learn about Mars’ interior using IRIS’s free software, lessons, and data from NASA’s InSight mission.

Friday, April 12

NESTA and UNAVCO: Hands-On Demonstrations and Models for Your Earth Structure, Earthquake, and Plate Tectonics Unit
 9:30–10:30 AM | America’s Center, Room 225
Explore UNAVCO’s collection of inexpensive physical models, which support students’ understanding of abstract earthquake/plate tectonics-related concepts. Scientific practices and crosscutting concepts will be emphasized.

Saturday, April 13

Meet Me in the Middle Share-a-thon
3:00–4:30 PM | Marriott St. Louis Grand, Majestic D/E

Sunday, April 14

Accounting for Uncertainty in Scientific Argumentation
9:30–10:30 AM | America’s Center, Room 152
Uncertainty is an important part of scientific discourse, yet often overlooked in the classroom. Explore a simple heuristic to incorporate uncertainty into students’ argumentation.

NESTA, UNAVCO, and IRIS Session: Are Earth’s Plates Really Moving? Explore Earth Science Data
9:30–10:30 AM | America’s Center, Annex
Explore and quantify plate motions and investigate models to support observations! Investigate IRIS earthquake and UNAVCO GPS data to determine the direction, rate, and type of plate boundaries, while exploring various models to support these observations.

NESTA Earth System Science Share-a-Thon
11:00 am–12:00 PM | America’s Center, Annex

After an Earthquake: Real-Time Earthquake Data as a Hook to Encourage Answer-Seeking about the Geologic and Societal Context of the Event
2:00–3:00 PM | America’s Center, Room 223
Hook students into Earth science after major earthquakes! IRIS’s suite of free classroom products, data, animations, and visualizations are the foundation for your learning cycle.

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