Standing Committee Meeting Report Transportable Array Advisory Committee

March 2016

Transportable Array Advisory Committee Meeting

31 March 2016

Virtual Teleconference

Action Items:

(Committee) Current flat budget plan for FY2019-2029 is insufficient for the final phases of TA in Alaska that would include both operation and demobilization. A more realistic budget that takes into account the uncertainty of the number of station adoptions will need to be developed and approved.


The Alaska Transportable Array should follow the current plan to operate through FY2019 to fully overlap the potential 15 month onshore-offshore deployment along the Aleutian Arc.

Options for the future use of the TA should be explored during upcoming meetings on the Canadian project called EarthsCAN (May 31 in Whitehorse, Yukon; August 17-19 in Calgary Alberta; August 21-23 in Ottawa, Ontario) and the Subduction Zone Observatory (September 28-30 in Boise, Idaho).