Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

July 2021

Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Meeting

Summer Teleconference

Thursday, July 8, 2021

12-2:00 PM EDT (9-11:00 AM PDT)

Topic Presenter
Roll Call and Introductions V. Lekic (Chair)
Membership rotation V. Lekic
Review of Action Items V. Lekic
PIQQA (PI’s Quick Quality Assessment) J. Sweet

QA updates: 

  • ‘Ts_’ availability metrics improvements, released
  • Tools: MUSTANGular and ISPAQ upcoming releases
  • Issue: timing_quality metric recalculation
G. Sharer
Discussion of QC from the user perspective B. Herrmann
New action items and final comments V. Lekic

Action Items

JUL2019-003: Update on progress of FDSN QA
Responsible: Jerry Carter
Status: Next FDSN meeting will be in Summer 2021, virtually.

JAN2020-001: Create a plan to rotate QAAC members. After approval from the QAAC, send plan to the Board of Directors.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: DONE

JUN2020-002: Assemble existing scripts/tools for MUSTANG interactions with MATLAB
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: In Progress

JUN2020-003: Summarize communication with ASL about strong motion and broadband metrics and send report to the QAAC
Responsible: Emily Wolin
Status: Emily is taking over responsibility for this action item and will report at the next meeting.

JUN2020-006: Compile reports of QA problems caused by COVID-19; including data availability, sensor performance, etc. Quantify in some way the data availability / quality reduction due to deferred maintenance.
Responsible: Katrin Hafner
Status: In Progress. Katrin can update us on status of GSN (related to COVID) in the Fall, and Emily will prepare a brief presentation on the difference between N4 and US in terms of COVID support (US has local university partners while N4 does not).

JAN2021-001: Initiate further discussion of the tasks needed to integrate MUSTANG into the new IRIS/UNAVCO merger (including QA for GNSS) and future deployment to the cloud, the usefulness of associative QA measurements (mass position, synthetics), and the dissemination of sensor operator knowledge.
Responsible: Vedran Lekic
Status: In Progress

(NEW) JUL2021-001: Reach out to UNAVCO to ask if they would be willing to prepare a presentation or document describing what high-rate GNSS data is, its size, and the typical applications in deriving the displacement time-series.
Responsible: Bob Busby

(NEW) JUL2021-003: Raise the issues of FetchData uniformity and centralised reporting of metadata issues to the FDSN.
Responsible: Jerry Carter