Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

June 2017

Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Meeting

Summer Teleconference

Thursday, June 22, 2017

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PDT (12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT)

Topic Presenter

Roll call and introductions

V. Levin (Chair)

Review action items

V. Levin 

Quality Assurance network reports. Update on AK network effort.

L.H. Keyson

Completion of metrics re-computation

L.H. Keyson

Additional channels for MUSTANG processing, including short period and strong motion

G. Sharer

Release of ISPAQ, MUSTANGular

G. Sharer

Status updates:

Research Ready Datasets, PDF mode differencing, Dynamic percent availability queries

R. Casey

Group discussion of MUSTANG’s use in the community, and other business


New action items and final comments

V. Levin


Action Items

2015-004: Review MUSTANG and LASSO website for user experience design
Responsible: Members
Status: CLOSED

2015-006: Recommend development of MATLAB interface for MUSTANG
Responsible: Ahern
Status: Still pending: On hold until resources can be found.

JUL2016­-001: Consider developing “recipe” files for users in how they use MUSTANG.
Responsible:  Casey
Status:  Presented Jupyter Notebook with embedded R code to committee.  No change in progress in June 2017.  Committee suggests reviewing again in December 2017.

JUL2016­-002:  DMC will start generating network reports for the AK network and one temporary network that Vadim has (X8): They will provide feedback to Mary and the QA team at the DMC.
Responsible:  Mary, Vadim, and Natalia
Status: AK Network has been receiving monthly reports and acknowledges usefulness as a double-check.  Not to consider expanding to portable networks at this time but consider another permanent network.  Gillian and QA group will make contact with UU network regarding their strong motion data.  Email QAAC about feedback.

JUL2016­-003:  Develop a plan for how often new metrics or modified metrics will actually be applied to the entire archive. We don’t want to do this frequently so we need to have some idea or schedule. DMC staff will present a plan at next QAAC call.
Responsible: Casey
Status:  Found to take about 10 months in first attemp.  QAAC is satisfied with a 12-month cycle as the limit guideline.  CLOSED

JUL2016­-004:  Continue the discussion of timing drift methods.
Responsible:  Hersh and Mary
Status:  Research has been carried out, but no good process is evident at this time.  Recommend dropping item until new needs or information arises.  CLOSED

JUL2017-001:  Reach out to National Strong Motion Center, Menlo Park, for suggestions on good quality assurance metrics for strong motion data.
Responsible:  Templeton
Status:  NEW