Standing Committee Meeting Report Quality Assurance Advisory Committee

December 2015

Quality Assurance Advisory Committee meeting – Fall AGU 2015

Hotel Zelos (12 Fourth Street San Francisco, CA 94103)
DeYoung Boardroom
December 15th at 12:00 1:30pm


  1. Roll Call and Introductions (McNamara)
  2. Membership and Rotations (McNamara, Ahern)
  3. How Members are Using Mustang
  4. Working with Network Operators: Network Reports (Casey, Templeton)
  5. Alterations to QAAC Charge (McNamara, Woodward)
  6. Final Comments

Action Items

2015-001: Review the Charge to Reflect IS needs
Responsible: Woodward

2015-002: Consider software code/client repository newsletter article
Responsible:  Ahern, Casey

2015-003: Address location code for consistency IRIS wide
Responsible:  Casey

2015-004: Review website for user experience design
Responsible:  Members

2015-005: Review redundancy in LASSO and MUSTANG network reports
Responsible:  unassigned

2015-006: Recommend development of MATLAB interface for MUSTANG
Responsible: Ahern