Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2016

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

October 13-14, 2016

PASSCAL Instrument Center, Socorro, NM

1. Anderson - Prepare best estimate budget for SAGE year 5 by AGU 2016.  It is understood that there are a lot of variability that is possible pertaining to carry forward into SAGE year 4, fluctuating overhead rates, and, of course, NSF budget guidance (not expected until Spring 17).

2. Anderson - Arrange for meeting space at Zelos hotel (AGU) for a PASC face-to-face budget meeting.

3. Wagner and PASC - Provide an updated version to the “Research” section of the PASSCAL verbiage for the NGEO proposal:  Deadline for any changes to Detrick: Monday, Oct 24th.

4. Anderson and Okaya - Incorporate PASC comments on the PASSCAL Data Policy into a final draft for submission to the Board of Directors (through CoCom).

5. Anderson and Beaudoin - Develop a recommendation and implementation plan for replacing RefTek GPS units with 16x units. This should address quantity, cost, timeline, and risk factors.

6. Anderson and Beaudoin - By the next SC meeting, present a summary of the impact (staff time, training, etc.) of compliance with lithium battery shipping regulations.

7. Anderson - Make recommendation for putting delinquent data set notification / warning in the  support commitment letter.  This should cover both the roll-out of the new policy/procedure, and the procedure / methodology by which we execute it in practice.  Discuss at CoCom.


  • The PASC recommends that the board consider the updated PASSCAL Data Policy to take effect immediately.