Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

April 2016

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

April 4-5, 2016

Knight Center, Washington University, St Louis, MO

1. Anderson: Draft a recommendation to send to the IRIS Board of Directors to begin including data delinquency status as a part of standard support commitment letters.  These letters are required for SAGE facility usage and this additional information may need to be cleared by NSF.

2. Harder: In regard to past exemptions from standard practices for explosive sources, provide any written materials for management and SC review.  From this point forward, provide written verification for approval for explosive sources that require exemptions from standard practices.  This includes federal, state, and local exemptions.  These should be included as a part of the UTEP quarterly reports for SAGE.

3. Wagner: Gather and merge PASC comments/edits on the foundations and frontiers document for the NGEO solicitation (portable section) and send out to the PASC for review before forwarding on to the Board by deadline (4/13/16).

4. Anderson: Prepare the revised and approved budget and distribute to the PASC for review before final presentation to CoCom by 4/13/16.

5. Anderson/Woodward/Beaudoin/Bilek: Plan for Fall 2016 standing committee meeting at PASSCAL instrument center (tentative Oct 13-14) and plan for similar staff/community interface time prior to meeting.  This may be planned in conjunction with ISSC meeting in Socorro this fall.

6. Okaya/Harder: Continue to work on Active source 1 day workshop planned for the day prior to the IRIS workshop in Vancouver.  Continue investigating possibility of 2 day active source workshop for this fall.


  • PASC acknowledges unanimous support of WyCEHG and to include it as a frontier capability.