Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2015

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee
March 23-24, 2015 - Houston, TX - Woodlands Conference Center

1.(Sweet/Anderson):  Update the Action Item spreadsheet and distribute to PASC so that past meeting open AI's can be reviewed.

2.(Anderson/Sweet):  Distill meeting minutes to be reviewed by PASC, distributed to NSF and potentially further culled to make available to public.

3.(Okaya, Hole, Anderson, DS rep):  Have a group develop some draft verbiage of what a non-delinquent dataset looks like for an active source experiment.  This should be coordinated through PASSCAL and DS data policies.

4.(Anderson):  Redistribute the draft on strategic planning. 

5.(Okaya, Wagner):  Reach out to RAMP community to encourage a white paper (4/15/15 deadline) to advocate RAMP capability post-SAGE.  In particular, Okaya will contact Richard Allen and encourage him to submit a whitepaper to push the original "flexi-RAMP" concept.

6.(Anderson, Beaudoin, Wagner): Propose to PASSCAL and DS SC's a communication plan to pass expectation of the size of an experiment dataset to the DS once an experiment has been funded.

7.(Woodward):  Add Lara Wagner to the Active Source Working Group at the ISSC meeting

8.(Anderson): Develop facility service quality metrics (fall timeframe)

9.(Anderson/Beaudoin):  Revise and update TA sensor reutilization plan

10.(Woodward):  Review the charge of the sensor test working group

11.(Walter):  Condense, clarify and sort the Foundations and Frontiers preliminary list for PASC review.

12.(Wagner/Anderson):  develop list of impacts for flat funding scenario for presentation to the Cocom and Board

13. (Harder):  Provide proper budget proposal to Anderson by the end of the week.

14.(Anderson):  Prepare year 3 total budget for presentation to Cocom.

15.(Anderson/Beaudoin/Bilek)  Rephrase the rescoping plan section that talks about “right-size mgmt/admin” priority in terms of capability impacts rather than straight positional cuts.

16.(Anderson):  Update Sustainability part 2 report with Risk table, recommendations, and updates to sensor and cable sections, as discussed

17.(Anderson/Wagner):  Develop and overall recapitalization plan with full scope recapitalization (~$70M) and "bite-sized" projects (~$5-10M).