Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2014

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee

Fall 2014 meeting - Seattle, Washington - IRIS DMC

1.  PASC:  Approve minutes from Spring meeting

Status:  Committee voted to accept minutes from Spring PASC meeting - unanimous approval - Action Item closed

2. K Anderson:  PM will update Spring Action Items based on input from the PASC

Status: Accomplished - Action item closed

3. K Anderson:  PM will post IS Governance structure memo from Board and committee glossary to PASC internal webpage.

Status:  Accomplished - The glossary also exists on the public IRIS Governance webpage - Action item closed

4. K Anderson, Beaudoin, Willeman:  Investigate method for getting IDS opportunities to PI community (via support letter request page or instrument request form, for example) and will report this back to PASC.

Status:   Anderson forwarded to Willeman and Beck - proposed to keep this to provide a link to IDS information at the Experiment Support Letter request website.  Beck will provide links and background information -  Action item remains open

5. K Anderson:  Post presentations from PASC meeting on PASC internal webpage

Status:  Accomplished - action item closed

6. K Anderson, Beaudoin:  Develop a plan for the use of the TA instruments made available from end of lower-48 work.  This will include numbers of each sensor desired with associated cost, schedule, level of effort and testing requirements for each sensor.

Status:  DRAFT submitted to the Board - This topic will be on the agenda at the Spring 15 ISSC meeting to discuss our proposal with others from IS. - closed

7. K Anderson, Beaudoin:  Report the number of support commitment letters to the PASC on a quarterly basis

Status:  Current number letters submitted to the chair - Action item is a continuing effort

8. K Anderson, Sweet:  Send Bulk-Mail reminder to IRIS community regarding support commitment letter requirements and highlight need to get requests in well before deadlines.  These will be coordinated with solicitations.

Status  - accomplished for Spring 2015 - continuing effort

9. K Anderson and SC: Develop potential external funding project opportunities (ie mini-proposals to sell to other governmental agengies, congress, industry, etc

Status:  Anderson to meeting with Willemann in March 2015  - Open

10. Beaudoin:  Include delinquent data statistics in PIC quarterly reports

Status:  Accomplished - Action closed

11. ASWG, Harder:  Address issue of shortage of shooters in active source facility and review the issue of contract versus permanent/part time staffing.  What is the cost benefit of these approaches.

Status:  Anderson and Woodward discussed this with Harder in March 2015 - need to engage ASWG - Open

12. K Anderson, Woodward:  Post "Sustainability Part 2 (everything else)" documents to the PASC internal webpage, including Bob's presentation/distillation.  This needs to include geophone information (data collected, but not included in presentation at the October PASC meeting)"

Status:  Presentations from meeting uploaded - will work on raw Part 2 data - preliminary draft to be distributed to PASC prior to Spring 2015 meeting - Open

13. K Anderson:  Collect the minutes and actions items from Ted and Mike and will post to a google doc for PASC review

Status:  Accomplished - Action item closed

14. K Anderson, Woodward:  Develop a document to "socialize" the sustainability report findings.  This is intended to present the status of the PASSCAL facility and the concerns related to equipment sustainment, limitations on personnel (based on funding) and the impact on current and future facility capabilities

Status:  Will be developed after PASC receives and comments on Part 2 - Open

15. Anderson, Moran, PASC:  Moran and Anderson will draft initial plan and Committee will iterate (via conference calls) on cost implications of options for reductions in PASSCAL services with goal of having document set ready for distribution to Cocom by Oct 29.  This document set will include:  Starting Budget and assumptions, Scope Management Process (how did you develop and evaluate the options), Scope Management Options with pros/cons, Recommended Scope Management Plan (what option or combinations of options will it take to meet flat budget, Revised Budget

Status:  Initial draft generated by Moran and Anderson - PASC reviewed and approved - Rescoping plan submitted to the Board on schedule - Action item closed

16. Moran:  Distribute potential new committee member names for PASC review and then send recommendations, including priority and justification to Board

Status:  To be presented to Cocom - suggestions and justifications provided - Action item closed

17. Anderson, Beaudoin: Distribute Instrumentation Working Group preliminary charter for discussion

Status:  draft distributed to Anderson by Woodward - action open

18. KAnderson, Moran, Woodward:   Draft a note to Greg Anderson expressing a concern with establishing a data services metrics as the budget reductions have eliminated FA-style data services.  The remaining level of data services are more under the control of the PI's and not a suitable measure of PASSCAL data services.

Status:  Letter initially drafted 10-11-14 - Concern presented to Greg at SAGE year 1 review - Action item closed

Revisions to Action Items from Spring 14 meeting:

19. Anderson, Moran, PASC:  Finalize & publish strategic plan

Status:  This is an update to an action from the Spring 14 PASC meeting:  Draft 1 out for review, need to revise & re-review - Action item open

20. Okaya, PASC:  Ph5 - TSP discussion/evaluation at next PASC meeting. 

Status:  This is a revision of an AI from the Spring 14 meeting.  Originally, it was to be accomplished by K Keranen:  Okaya to take over analysis.  Okaya testing Ph5 on already-recorded datasets - Action item Open

21. Anderson, Sweet, Moran:  Action items and agendas from past PASC meetings posted to public PASSCAL website.

Status:  This is a revision of an AI from the Spring 14 originally assigned to former PM.  Sweet (starting mid-November) will begin work on this, Moran will provide A.I. lists and agendas from meetings going back to 2010 - Action item open