Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2011

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee
Spring 2011 meeting - Potomac, Maryland - Bolger Conference Center

1.  Beaudoin:  Develop a report on "Chile RAMP" recounting PASSCAL's experience with instrument deployment in Chile.  This report is to include accounting of how the "direct instrument burial" practice performed.

Status:  Gridley will distribute this report to the committee when available

2.  Gridley:  Visit Penn State to gather info about the GeoPebble instrument development.  PASC is concerned that PASSCAL's responsibilities with regard to GeoPebble are not clearly defined and that expectations about PASSCAL's role in the future may not be fully consistent with PASSCAL's capabilities and mission.

3.  Ebinger:  Add discussion of "international activities" to the agenda for Fall 2011 PASC meeting

4.  Moran:  Add discussion of "new technologies" (e.g. specific directions and opportunities) to agenda for Fall 2011 PASC meeting

5.  Allen:  Respond to the International Seismic Catalogue (ISC) to clarify what can and cannot be expected from NSF supported PASSCAL users.  PASC recommended against implementing the suggestions outlined in the letter from the ISC.

6.  Liberty:  Supply "content" for Beaudoin to post on PASSCAL's website to provide users with guidelines for where to look in regard to finding info about "seismic sources" in the community