Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2010

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee
Fall 2010 meeting - Berkeley, California - UC Berkeley Seismology Lab

1.  Aster/Gridley:  Write letter from PASC and Gridley at Sridhar & note that letter of support is different from NSF proposal; next discuss community issue & recommend workshop to develop PIC stuff and specs; then put in a vetter program by independent contractor before PASSCAL accepts, and asking for $$ to do that.  Can't provide cost estimate until those steps are achieved.  PASC as a whole will review letter before it is sent.

2.  Magnani/Liberty:  Engage broader community, coordinate back-to-basics workshop at 2011 AGU

3.  Beaudoin:  Coordinate workshop at PIC (partially funded by CUAHSI) in 2011

4.  Gridley/Beaudoin:  Update on status of vault testing at next meeting, and a report on Chile RAMP

5.  Unknown:  Send contact info for Andy Lockhart/VDAP to Beaudoin

6.  PASC:  Review all instrument use policies that Beaudoin and Gridley will propose

7.  Gridley:  Put Pratt/Levander report on IRIS website

8.  MacAyeal:  Develop white paper on PASSCAL's role in polar research and how we (PASC) connect to various committees that are engaged in polar research right now

9.  Gridley:  Take care of updating governance webpage

10.  Unknown:  Data policy

Status:  PASSCAL will work with DMC to craft boilerplate language for data policy issue