Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2010

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee
Spring 2010 meeting

1.  Unknown:  FA 10 Iridium system purchase

Status:  Not yet operational with RT130s; on the list, but not yet done - Action Item open

2.  Allen:  YIPI concept paper -- don't have one. PASSCAL does work with people who have their own equipment, YIPI proposal was shot down but PASSCAL continues to try to support individuals as best they can

Status: Come back to it at next PASC meeting; in interim will follow up with Laura Wagner

3.  Unknown:  Data policy

Status:  Still on hold; waiting to see what EarthScope (Greg Anderson) data policy will be before tackling PASSCAL issue - Action item open

4.  Unknown:  GeoPebble

Status:   On Fall 2011 PASC meeting agenda -  Action item remains open

5.  Unknown:  Customs

Status:  On Fall 2011 PASC meeting agenda - Action item remains open