Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

March 2009

Action items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

March 19-20, 2009

Potomac, Maryland - Bolger Conference Center

Attendees: Richard Allen (Chair), Tom Pratt, Doug MacAyeal, Paul Davis, Beatrice Magnani, Jesse Lawrence, Lara Wagner, Aibing Li, Matt Fouch, Artie Rodgers (scribe)

Others: Jim Fowler, Rick Aster, Bruce Beaudoin, Marcos Alvarez, Tim Parker, Steve Harder, David Simpson, Rob Woolley, Rick Benson

Action Items

  • Minutes from October 2008 meeting approved
  • Draft document describing conditions when data collected with PASSCAL equipment will not be archived - Fowler
  • Report to the committee on the cost associated with the operation and maintenance of a commercial Active Source Acquisition system - Fowler/Magnani
  • Wagner/Lawrence/Fouch will produce following documents for Broadband user group:
    • MRI proposal outline to present to the BoD
    • One-page summary of "Buy-In" plan
    • One-page summary of "Sell-Out" plan
  • Write draft guidance for policy governing use of EarthScope equipment for PASSCAL experiments - Fowler/Alvarex/Beaudoin
  • Document that the number of instruments required to execute experiments funded by NSF programs is more than is available in the PASSCAL instrument pool - Fowler/Alvarez/Beaudoin
  • The issue of keeping the required equipment for funded experiments in line with the available equipment should be discussed with NSF during the April meeting
  • Aster/Magnani will report back to the committee on the interest of the hydrology community in PASSCAL hosting equipment used by the community
  • Draft budget approved for submission