Standing Committee Meeting Report PASSCAL

October 2007

Action Items from PASSCAL Standing Committee Meeting

October 4-5, 2007

Socorro, New Mexico

Attendees: Alan Levander (chair), Artie Rodgers, John Collins, Stephane Rondenay, Ray Russo, Thomas Pratt

Others: Jim Fowler, Bruce Beaudoin, Marcos Alvarez, David Simpson, Steve Harder, Rick Aster

Action Items

  • Establish procedure that will update the instrument schedules on web more frequently
  • Pratt/Snelson to develop information document regarding mini-vibe and other shallow seismic sources
  • Write draft policy regarding data from long-term experiments going to DMS 2 years after collection, rather than at end of experiment
  • Write a draft policy regarding delayed or no data to DMS -- formal way for PIs to request exclusion of data archiving
  • Run tests on pig tails that would look at the feasibility of using Texans to record 3-component data
  • Request funds in next year's budget to cover travel of PASSCAL personnel to experiments
  • Committee approved the use of $160,000 in the FFA budget for communications equipment including:
    • 20 more spread-spectrum radios
    • 40 Verizon cellphone modems
    • 24 Iridium modems for state-of-health monitoring of remote sites
  • Committee approved proposed use of carry-over funds
  • Examine alternate ways to make the re-bill process more efficient for next meeting